Friday, February 19, 2010

I loved comic

I have always love comic, I did try out for a few local competition, but never seem to work out, however, I'm still working on a self title comic. I just hope that I Cam Finish in time. haha.

This is my first entry (in life). enjoy.

P.S. dialog are in a separates sheets, and i lost it...HAHAHAHA

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8 (end)


this is an experimental "accident", I was trying out the blend tool is illustrator, then I have this idea to make a picture out with it. So it just so happens that I'm a bit keen to floral, and so I did it.

The Nvidia art chalenge.

Its a failure anyway. but I still like the finished work.

Hand painted

I guess painting is addictive, whether by hand or on computer. this is a cover i did for my friend, a birthday card, the cat is me, and of cause the mouse is him, the choice is obvious, his like a mouse, n when ever i try t "date" him, is always busy, and he have a unbreakable record in "kite flying". well to me at lease. haha


My friend ask for a logo, target audience are parent that are willing to send their children to creative art classes, but eventually the classes didn't get going, there are some problem on location setting. but still, i like the design.


I did a "tattoo" style art back about 10 years ago, then I had it stenciled over my jeans, but then i don't keep the original sketch. this is a remake version, but it lost a lot of the original design, yet it present some what of unique style perhaps...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A new Beginning...

I just bough my Bamboo fun unit(last January). Finally got my taste on the "legendary" tools. well it is just like it's name, FUN. love the equipmet. not so good at it at first. but well, i'm woking on some personal project. :)hope u like it.

the raw sketch, still on pencil n paper. :P

smudge, smudge

the first layer of color, some dark n light stuff...

working on the lion its at ease withs the pen n pad...especially with the furry business, so glad i got my own bamboo.:P

a priview of what may come.