Monday, October 1, 2012

Torchlight II

YES!!! The long awaited Torchlight II is finally released, I finally got my hands on it. As always the first character class that I picked is the embermage. Kindda the same class I always choose, I got a thing with magic missile, this is my Fan Art for the class, I don't like the original artwork/ concept art, but I don't hate it either, this is just to celebrate its release, and how I would imagine it in a five finger world. :P its just speed sketch. The character is in its default gear, so when I finished the game, I'll make another peace with the finally gear I loot. Can't wait. Torchlight II is seriously a fun game in every aspect. And it doesn't comes with disappointment like Diablo III, which pains me more thinking of its price. So glad there is a Torchlight I can use to lid my way out of that sob experience. D3 is not a bad game but just a waste of investment in production ( to blame). Now lets have FUN!!!