Saturday, August 22, 2009


Finally I have finish my Comic Con entry, now its time for some rest. Hehe

I have a problem with the composision actually, i think the character din't shine much here. But then I don't know what can I do, I tried corping the picture, but then I loose too much of the character, not what the judges would want. so I end up here. :P

The progress sheet is actually a sucess to me, almost exactly what I want, well, I wanted to tune the color to more blue, but that would alter the actuall color in the progress work.

I don't rally like this sheet, it kindda din't blend with the other two, but if stand alone, its kindda nice too. :P still I manage to make it as closely to the other two as posible. :P


  1. I think this is superb job, in my opinion best Sesshomaru fanart and I seen a lot of them.

    I would be glad if you can by any chance do more pictures.

    I also like very much progress sheet.

    You are gifted painter.

  2. cool, never though any wud drop me a note here, haha, thank, means a lot to me.