Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ok, working aboard isn't actually "fun" for me (in Philipine), boring most of the time,I even lost loads of time to draw for pleasure.

But every now and then I got this idea, a story to tell, but I'm a greedy person, I got these ideas for my own comic, and this is one of them, going on Manga style (always wanted to do that). But then I can't shake of the ink part, which I also loves deeply.

Heres a few practise I worked on last night. not perfect but its getting close to what I want, mainly influanced by Tsutomu Nihei (manga artist for BLAME!, ABARA, Biomega,etc), and Adi Granov (comic artist worked on Ironman Extremist, professional cover artist for Marvel.)

I miss my scanner so much, I used my hand-phone to snap shot these.

I hope I have enough patient to complete it before another idea came over it.

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